Receiving a reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience, as your energetic pathways are opened by a reiki master. This energetic opening allows the reiki energy to flow freely through your body to impact your health and the health of others.

The feeling of a reiki attunement is a personal one, but students often report that they feel a lightening of their body and tingling from their head to their toes as the reiki energy pathways are opened.

The opening of an attunement has the effect of enhancing other energetic healing and channelling pathways, and students report that receiving an attunement causes increased intuitive awareness, and enhances any innate psychic sensitivity.

The 3 Levels Of Reiki: What Are They & What Do They Mean?

The Usui Reiki Riuho system consists of 3 levels. The attunement is a sacred ritual performed by the Reiki Master Teacher that open a person’s body to the Universal Healing Energy. In this way the Student can channel (receive and transmit) the Reiki Energy.

After each attunement the student passes through a 21-day period of detoxification of the body, mind and spirit. This 21 days cleansing process is strictly individual for every person. It is advisable to get acquainted with your future Reiki Master Teacher. If it is possible to get a Reiki session from him/her so you can feel the Reiki Energy. This is to ensure compatability between the two of you, and to ascertain that you get the most from the training.

Reiki First Level or Reiki1 gives:

  • – General information about Reiki
  • – Reiki History
  • – Understanding of the Reiki Principles
  • – Basic knowledge of chakras
  • – Hand positions. This a sequence of the hands positions during the treatment.
  • – Attunement
  • – Practice

Successful completion of Reiki First Level enables the initiates to self-heal, treat family and friends, treat pets, animals and plants also to charge with energy, food, water, crystals, energy cleansing of spaces and objects.

Reiki Level 2 or Reiki 2 gives:

  • – Reiki Second Level gives to the initiate a deeper insight into different Reiki techniques and their applications.
  • – Chakras and their relationships with various diseases are discussed in detail.
  • – Presentation and utilization of the three Reiki symbols.
  • – Application and practice with the 3 Reiki symbols.
  • – Practicing treatment from a distance.
  • – Attunement for Reiki Level Two.

Upon completion of the second level of Reiki the student gains a deeper knowledge of Reiki treatment.

The healing abilities are increased.The initiates can heal directly or from a distance.

Reiki Third Level or Master Level

At this level, the Reiki student receives the master symbol, which is considered to be the most powerful symbol and the student is considered to be a Reiki Master.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

Reiki is one of the most wonderful things which could happen in one’s life. It’s an ancient Japanese energy healing system discovered by Mikao Usui in the late 18th century. The person, who wants to pursue the practice method of Reiki learns under an able master and gets initiated in to the process.

The pedagogy is almost common throughout the world as per the script documented by Usui but the initiation into Reiki is sacramental. Reiki is an expression in Japanese; (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. The Reiki attunement is a ritual performed by the Master to the student and he/she will become a conduit to receive and channel, and utilize more of the Universal life force energy.

During the attunement process, the Master integrates appropriate Reiki symbols through energy forms in sequential actions into the student’s Chakras (they are various focal points of the subtle body in a human being). The attunement has a very powerful balancing and healing properties establishing therapeutic effect. Attunement Symbols In the attunement process various symbols behaves uniquely, responding at different levels of one’s aura. The power symbols resonate strongly with one’s physical body level. The mental healing symbol with the emotional body and the distant healing symbol with the mental body level of the person. There are advanced healing symbols (Master symbols) which works on the spiritual body level of a person, enhancing their energy levels to clear and attain higher level of transformation.

In each level of attunement (Reiki level 1, 2 or 3) ones is enable to tap into a higher channel of the Universal Energy, where the rate of vibration the energy body is incrementally enhanced. The person evolves into deeper levels of consciousness from their existing normal levels and extraordinary form of awareness is noticed.

What is Involved for Each Reiki Attunement?

In a reiki level 1 attunement, students are attuned to three different symbols, each representing a different aspect of reiki energy: power, mental/emotional balance and distance healing. Each student receives attunements to these 3 symbols four separate times, and with each repetition the connection deepens.

The attunements for reiki level 2 and reiki master are similar in nature, but involve different symbols, each with a different significance to opening your energetic pathways.

The Importance of Reiki Attunement

Strictly speaking, unlike the other healing techniques, Reiki is not “taught” in the classical style. It is passed to the pupil during the attunement process by the Reiki Master. Learning Reiki involves opening major chakras and connecting the student with the source of Reiki.

Therefore, the attunement ceremony is an all-important event that delivers a unique spiritual experience.

The Reiki Master channelizes the spark of divine Reiki energies into the student as guided by the supreme-consciousness. He/she also calls upon the spiritual guides and masters to assist in implementing the subtle process.

It is common for students to feel the energy and have some divine, mystical experiences like intuitive messages, visions, and psychic guidance.

Reiki attunement is once in a lifetime phenomenon. Once attuned, you carry the spark of Reiki throughout your life. Therefore it implies that even if you stop practicing Reiki owing to any reason, you can re-start whenever you are up to it. You do not need to refresh the attunement. Usually, every level of Reiki involves one attunement, but certain masters do more, which enhances the flow and brings added benefits.

The Reiki attunement is related to your aura (or spiritual) body, which in turn affects your physical body bringing in the cleansing of your body, mind, and spirit.

Prerequisites for Reiki Attunement

There are no restrictions on Learning Reiki. Following a spiritual, spartan way of life helps in improving the skills and getting better results. It is good to follow the path of Yama and Niyama, which magnify the attunement energies and create more inclusive benefits for you.

  • Consume only vegetarian food at least three days before the attunement.
  • Have more water and try fasting one day before the attunement.
  • Refrain from stimulants like tea, coffee, substance, alcohol, or tobacco minimum of three days before the attunement.
  • Meditate, do prayers, and read good scriptures for a week, which will create a sacred space within you.

Reiki Attunement & Certification

Reiki Attunement – Level 1

Reiki Attunement – Level 1

All of the knots/blocks in the chakras are removed (except for the root chakra). The main energy channel, from the crown chakra to the root chakra is cleansed and prepared for Reiki 2. The Heart chakra becomes enlarged and the energy channel from the hands to the Crown chakra is opened so that the Reiki energy can flow.

Reiki Attunement – Level 2

Reiki Attunement – Level 2

Attunement is strengthened and the base chakra is opened. The third eye is enlarged.

Minimum recommended time interval is 7 days after prerequisite Reiki Level 1 is complete.

Reiki Master Attunement – Level 3

Reiki Master Attunement – Level 3

With the Reiki Master Attunement the previous Attunements are strengthened and the Throat, Solar Plexus, Hara and Root chakras are opened wider.
The Kundalini “fire” is strengthened and reaches up and out of the Crown chakra – full rising of the Kundalini takes place.

You are also taught to attune crystals and other objects, so that they also act as Reiki channels.

Minimum recommended time interval is 7 days after prerequisites Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 are complete.

How Do You Prepare for an Attunement?

How you prepare for a reiki attunement depends on your own personal spiritual practice. Opening an energetic pathway is no light matter, and while it’s not strictly necessary to do anything in order to prepare to receive a reiki attunement, most students choose to reconnect with their own spiritual practice before their attunement, to heighten the overall effects of the attunement and maximise its transformative power.

One recommended plan for preparing for a reiki attunement involves a 3-day cleanse before your attunement. Avoid eating heavy foods, limit or eliminate caffeine, sugar, tobacco or alcohol. Spend your time reading or meditating rather than watching TV. Make a conscious effort to release negative emotions, such as anger or jealousy.

All of these preparations will help you be more ready to accept the spiritual transformation and encourage the attunement to have profound, long-term impacts on your life and wellbeing.

Does an Attunement Need to be Renewed?

Once you have been attuned to reiki, the reiki energy will flow through you for the rest of your life. Your ability to channel and move reiki energy remains with you, as the gift of reiki follows you and helps you for the rest of your life.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Attunements Remotely?

In-person classes are often taught quickly, without much time for students to incorporate the information. The attunements are given en masse at the end of the class, without time for the students to prepare for the profound spiritual transformation that an attunement entails. By studying remotely, you are able to learn and incorporate the benefits of reiki at your own pace, and take a few days to prepare yourself for your attunement before you receive it.

Reiki is an energetic practice, and much of the reiki you receive and deliver throughout the rest of your life will be at a distance. Beginning your reiki journey remotely helps you prepare for a life of reiki without borders.

HOW Does the Body Use Reiki Energy?

We understand that every particle vibrates at a specific frequency. That frequency in more esoteric terms can be termed consciousness. This consciousness is what activates all parts of our body and synchronizes the events within our body.

Each day, our body is working to maintain balance. When we consider exercising, our body begins its preparations well before we begin our workout.

When cells are separated from our body, even the thought of cutting oneself ignites a series of reactions in those extracted cells because it is the same frequency that animates them and the body.

Our body has a natural electromagnetic frequency that it prefers to resonate with. When all levels of the body are in harmony with that frequency, communication is strong.

The body loses its effectiveness to heal and maintain homeostasis when the lines of communication within the body are disrupted. These disruptions occur when we store energy that is dissonant with our natural resonance.

We tend to store energy in the form of memories and beliefs and as they accumulate around the same theme, the strong dissonance begins. Where our body once operated as a perfectly timed symphony, with conflicting energy stored, we have many instruments out of tune and sync.

When a body receives Reiki energy, it is like having a light to make the body aware of the energy that is not serving it. The practitioner does not decide what needs to be released or when, the wisdom of the body does.

The practitioner holds the space for the body mind to see the possibilities it can choose from with regard to healing so the body is no longer tied to a dysfunctional way of being. Once the body has chosen what it is ready to address, it can systematically release the stored energy at a cellular level connected with the imbalance.

The cells then begin functioning as intended and the healing occurs on a physical as well as emotional, mental and physical level. The body does not need to be consciously aware of what beliefs and memories it is working with which is one reason why Reiki can be so effective. Many of our strongly help beliefs were developed in early childhood or even foetal life.

The client just needs to ensure that as the releases occur that they are aware of the process and allow them to fall away. With the body vibrating at a more natural state, harmony and peace on all levels can be restored.

What does one experience after a Reiki attunement?

After an attunement process, the students are often excited to share their vivid experiences. Many have described their spiritual or mystical experiences like seeing beautiful colors, visions of places, ancestors and glances into their past life. Many others report receiving personal messages or receiving a profound healing. Some felt blessed, sensing the presence of spiritual guides or angelic beings or simply having an ecstatic experience or complete peace.

The attunement has seen people having an enormous shift in their internal awareness. They have described a feeling of being reborn and experiencing their surrounding with their senses very intensely like the colors becoming brighter, smell getting stronger and sounds getting sharper. Strangely a few have also have felt a buzzing or heightened sensitivity in the crown or apex region of the head for a short while and also a sense of floating or light-headedness. All of these experience are absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. But some experiencing very little than the others maybe disappointing and it doesn’t mean the attunement hasn’t worked at all. The Reiki attunement always works and its 100% successful all the time.

Benefits of Attunement

Attunement is a beautiful process which enables you to heal yourself as well as others.  When you are attuned to Reiki, spiritual transformation takes place slowly but steadily.  As we become more sensitive to energy, when you receive Reiki attunement shift of energy definitely takes place.

Every person has a psychic gift or a combination gift, of course not everybody is aware of it.  Reiki attunement opens up a person’s psychic abilities.  The receiver may feel Alpha or even Theta state conducive to meditation.  In this state, you may receive some psychic messages.

How Does a Distant Attunement Work?

Exactly the same way an in-person attunement works!

Distant attunements are a successful and powerful means of sending attunements.

In Reiki (for example) distant attunements in the beginning were a non-traditional technique but are a logical extension of distance healing and application of the Distance symbol, sound or affirmation.

Some people are just unfamiliar with quantum physics. In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant healing is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location.

It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing is very effective.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing and is generally performed by Reiki Masters, Shamanic Practitioners and Shamans.

However, many are quite skeptical about the process and I think if I hadn’t experienced the sending and receiving of attunements and healing distantly I would be very skeptical myself!

Simple ways to protect your energy field

Do you ever feel tired when you have been with certain people? Are you aware that people can drain your energy? Do you ever notice that your mood has changed for the worse after meeting somebody?

It is very easy to transfer energy from one person to another. Even when we aren’t consciously trying we can still pick up on other people’s energy. If you are a sensitive person it is important that you are protected so that you don’t take on their energy temporarily or even permanently.

Here are some different techniques you can use to protect yourself,  see what feels right for you or if you are able to use Kinesiology self test, ask your body which of the following techniques is right for you:

  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a white/gold light
  • Imagine yourself in a five pointed star
  • Imagine yourself in a bubble
  • Place a drop of Frankincense Essential oil on your big toe
  • Imagine a mirror between you and the client reflecting their energy back to them.
  • Create affirmations for yourself and repeat, e.g. I am totally protected at all times. My energy field is always protected. I am protected from negativity.
  • Crystals can be worn for protection; hematite and jade are often recommended.
  • If you have a belief in angels you can ask for an angel to help protect you or say a prayer to help you.
  • LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!!! Avoid toxins, drink plenty of water. If you are healthy and balanced you will not be affected by detrimental energy.

Reiki involves gaining a heightened awareness of the energy of creation and complements other healing systems and spiritual traditions. To develop your perception and knowledge of Reiki,  all you need is the resolve to do regular practice, find a good reiki master, and practice it as much as possible.

More you practice Reiki, the more increased chances of developing psychic abilities, so be Attuned !!!