Free Reiki Healing

Many of you requested us to send Reiki, so here is the easy way to!
Just fill in the details, and you will be listed to receive free distant healing!
Every Tuesday, we will send distant Reiki who are enlisted.

Why Tuesday? You might be thinking that no?

Astrologically, you should pay your debt on Tuesday, so that you will be free from debt as soon as possible.

We all are indebted to the moment we born on Earth.

This is our little effort to give our services to all of you, for free.

How to receive Distant Reiki Healing?

Every Week we are sending Distant Reiki Healing for free through Chi Ball, as a service to all of you.  Now how to receive this distant Reiki Healing.

It’s quite easy. sit in a comfortable position, or lie down.  Now intend to receive the Reiki distantly.  For a few minutes concentrating on your breaths.

Now say in your mind that I am ready to receive the Distant Reiki Healing for the highest interest of me.

You may feel a sensation on your crown chakra, or some may feel a tingling sensation in Agnya/Third eye chakra.

It may take 10 minutes or more, intuitively you know that you received the Reiki.

If you wish, as a thank you note you can make a little donation here.




Love, Light, and Reiki.

Big Reiki Blessings!

FREE Reiki Distant Healing

Distance healing has been found to be just as effective as in-person sessions, as energy is not bound by time or space. You can simply relax in a quiet space, open yourself to the healing energy, and allow the Reiki to flow through you.

free distant healing, free reiki, free reiki attunementThis event serves a dual purpose: to provide genuine assistance to those in need and to create awareness about our offerings. While the Reiki session is completely free, we gratefully accept donations to support our mission of spreading healing and spiritual wisdom to a wider audience. Your contributions will enable us to continue offering transformative experiences and expanding our free distant healing services to all.

If you would like to participate in the “Free Reiki Healing” session, please visit our website and sign up for the event. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible.

We are excited to embark on this journey of healing and growth with you. Let us come together, create a powerful collective intention, and experience the remarkable benefits of Reiki. Join us for this transformative event and discover the limitless potential within you.

This free distant healing service is offered with the intention of supporting your holistic well-being and promoting your body’s natural healing abilities.

If you or someone you know needs healing and you would like to receive FREE Reiki Healing Fill Out The Form On This Page and submit the recipients Name, City, State (Province) & Country (this is to enable us to connect to them energetically). We do not need to know the nature of the illness but if they would like to share that they may.

Remember, healing starts from within, and we are here to support you every step of the way.