Alisa Reymond - Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

I was just looking at Facebook one night when I came across AAT’s post for Reiki Level 1.  It was this unexplained feeling that came over me; I just knew I had to take it.  I had no idea why I was so drawn to it. (Later finding out that this is normal! That when it is your time to be a healer you will be guided to your teacher) I didn’t even know what Reiki was and had never experienced a session! I signed up immediately and then found the closest Reiki practitioner so I could go and experience an energy healing before our class.

It was an amazing experience for me. I think the only word I can use to express Reiki Level 1 was mind blowing! I was very skeptical going in, and by the end of the day I was asking when Level 2 was going to be held.  With Level 1 we read as a group, had lots of group discussion, were given our Level 1 attunement, were given the chance to practice Reiki on each other and we were given ample time to meditate and journal our amazing experiences.

Level 2 was everything I expected and then some! A lots of group reading, group discussions, hands on practice, guided meditations and time to journal. We were all given our Level 2 attunements and were taught how to draw and properly use the Sacred symbols and send out Distance healing.

This course has been life altering for me on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.  I couldn’t imagine having gone through this journey with anyone other than Advanced Alternative Therapies Academy.

Stephany Lurde - Florida, U.S.A.

With how much I was looking forward to our session, it far surpassed my expectations. It has brought awareness to my everyday life. I’ve been doing morning and evening Reiki  just can’t wait to learn more!

Leonardo David - New York, U.S.A

I found your instructions excellent, liked the way in which information was shared, that we read as well as heard the manual. Your clarifications were most helpful… I loved the Reiki Master class… I remain interested and believe I have been reintroduced to this for some reason. I can read in my manual and practice what you have given me.

Nikol Larage - Paris, France

Super personable and relatable. Good amount of text review and personal experience learning. Thank you!

Tina Åström – Uppsala, Sweden

“OMG!!! I absolutely love this framework that you developed. This will transform the way I pray everyday. Thank you so much for feedback and guidance. I am also halfway through the advanced course and it is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!”

Sara Portuk - New York, U.S.A. ❤

“Ahhhh! Thank you so much for this beautiful guide and outline for a divinely filled practice. Such form and flow working out here. I am already looking forward to the many times I know I will keep coming back to these sections for guidance and reminders! thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Marinela Ionescu - Bucharest Romania

“Wanted to say thank you for the amazing Healing Chakra session. This session felt life changing for me. I feel like so much has shifted and almost feel like I am completely different. Thank you! Thank you!”


Samala Goinden – Limerick, Ireland

“We are very very grateful to have gifted teachers like you both on our ascension journey ❤ We are deeply grateful ???? Thank You”

Ariena Wellson ~ Spiritual Healer - Toronto, Canada

“I have felt alone for most of my life being highly gifted psychically/empathically and very tapped into the Spiritual realm since I was a child. I have lived most of my life from the other side. Integrating and trusting human consciousness has always been a struggle for me as I am able to see who has a clear channel and who doesn’t. I am very aware of the Matrix Control System and the darker forces that siphon and interrupt other healers. Everything I have learned as been through cultivating a strong relationship with my Light Council and directly from Source. So when I came across AAT I immediately knew they were different. Nobody has been able to activate my energy for the exception of Ayahuasca which I have been called to serve. I immediately ordered an Energy Reading and an Ascension Consciousness Reading without reading other testimonials. I just knew I was aligned to them. I was thrilled to know that they don’t request any information and they were able to tap in and receive VERY accurate information from Source. This has opened me up deeper in my calling and to serve Spirit in an even bigger way. Thank you both for your courageous hearts, and for helping highly gifted and sensitive starseeds like myself. It has taken me a very long time accepting my soul’s origin but your readings helped me with that. You both have been a vital pivotal point in my ascension process and I have grown tremendously fast in such a short period of time. I knew I grew fast but you two accelerated that ten fold! I am blessed and grateful and hold a deep love for you both. Please do yourselves a favour and trust in AAT’s teachings. There are not many clear channels on the planet and they definitely are authentic healers with a crystal clear connection! You simply can’t put a price on true healers nor on your spiritual evolution. Blessings and love always.”

Marion Whiting ~ New York, U.S.A.

If you are committed to your spiritual journey and seeking another level of awareness, do not hesitate to work with them. You will not regret it!


Dominique Ariele - Perth, Australia

“I love what you guys do, I love your energy. I love your meditations and how you can tap into our energies and see what we can’t see inside us. Thank you to help us on this wonderful journey.”

Diana Peskov - Sofia, Bulgaria

“I now have a clear idea of what I should focus on in order to move forward on my Ascension path. I understand my origins and what steps to take next. I am also very grateful for your guided meditations, transmissions and activations. They have really helped me cleanse any unwanted energies, let go of the old, and realign with my highest potential timeline. The work that you do is amazing!”

Marion and Hans - Dresda, Germany

“Extremely useful information and tools to make precise decisions as to how to work and manage one’s own energy, and to contrast with one’s own personal perception and psychological landscape. Deeply grateful for all your work.”

Quatara Witkowski - Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

“The Advanced Energy Management was a great day with a lot of tools for self awareness and support on the spiritual path. I experienced a deep and profound healing that day and felt filled with light and love. Very Grateful.”

Zeinab Alibra - Nairobi, Kenya

What can I say to sum up this experience? By far one of the best massages I have received every time. Much love peace and light always.