Code of Ethics


The standards established within this Code of Ethics determine appropriate behavior for healers and therefore are designed to safeguard individuals when healing is being performed.

For the purpose of this Code of Ethics, healing offers a distinct classification involving the channeling of healing energy via the hands and/or with the intent of thought. It doesn’t consist of massage, manipulation, the utilization of devices, medications or any other remedies. It does include Distant or Absent Healing.

Healers are required to conduct themselves appropriately, assume responsibility for his or her own techniques and maintain public confidence in healing.




At Advanced Alternative Therapies we will continually:

  • Seek to enhance our own knowledge and abilities.
  • Be respectful and respectful to others.
  • Take responsibility with regard to the relationship with clients and ensure personal trust is upheld.
  • Preserve appropriate working conditions where we provide healing and be sure these are safe and fulfill local authority regulations where required.
  • Possess an appropriate standard of insurance protection.
  • Provide info about professional identification and qualification when requested by a patient.
  • Determine, when necessary, that clients have undertaken medical guidance and informing, where applicable, that they do so.
  • Be prepared to cooperate with the medical community
  • Have an understanding of and act within the law while it relates to healing and data protection.