Online Esoteric Practices Courses

Training in Esoteric Healing complements and reinforces both Western & Eastern medical treatment modalities. It supports people living an integrated life, represented in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. This method addresses and treats the root cause of dis-ease often found in the subtle energy system.

Esoteric Healing effectively blends the worlds of science and medicine, both of which are making breakthrough discoveries that explain subtle energy’s part in our state of health. It is widely known that negative thought patterns contract energy and have an adverse effect on our vitality. Conversely, a joyful outlook and a rich emotional life support general wellness and longevity. To obtain good health, all aspects of the human being must be balanced: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Esoteric Healing students learn how to assist, as well as live, in that state of integration.

With knowledge and commitment, Esoteric Healers develop a keen sense of inner perception. Through meditative focus and sensitized hands, specific energy points are used to bring an individual’s energy field into a harmonious state. This technique is performed off the body.

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As Einstein said, and we have come to prove, everything in existence is made of energy. A dynamic energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. It makes up the scaffolding upon which our physical body is built. Seven major centers, or chakras, exist within this energy field. Each of these centers vitalize a related nerve center, an endocrine gland, and the internal organs that create functioning systems, as in digestive, respiratory, immune, etc. In a healthy person, harmony and balance exisits within this field; in a state of dis-ease, congestion and discord are found.