Attraction Reiki is a new three-level Reiki system that can be used alone or in combination with Money Reiki. It is designed to benefit Reiki practitioners as well as those with no previous Reiki experience! Attraction Reiki helps you create that “aura of success” that brings to you opportunities and “good luck.”

It is the perfect supplement to Money Reiki, which focuses on healing money issues. Attraction Reiki is focused more on manifesting, and can be used to manifest any number of things (not just money!).

Each Attraction Reiki course comes with a PDF manual, an attunement, and a certificate. There are three new Reiki symbols for each level.

  • Attraction Reiki Level I – Belief

In this level we look at what is the aura of success and how our beliefs play into this. You’ll also learn a basic aura reading technique.

  • Attraction Reiki Level II – Intention

In this level we explore the power of intention. Instructions are provided on how to create positive intentions.

  • Attraction Reiki Level III – Attraction

This is where we put it all together to create our daily attraction practice.

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