The practice of energy healing encompasses a broad range of therapeutic modalities and techniques, all of which focus on channeling healing energy into a client’s body.

The practitioner’s role is to help bring their client’s personal energy fields into balance and improve the health and wellness of the body, mind, and collective spirit.

What is energy healing?

Energy healers help clients with a wide range of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain, and relieve side effects from cancer treatments. The use of energy healing techniques can be applied to minor or major physical ailments, and may even help a variety of mental health problems.

As an energy healer, you may be prepared to work alongside traditional medical practitioners as part of a holistic therapy program. Many practitioners choose to practice independently, as this form of healing is extremely unique and subjective for each client and practitioner.

Additionally, many energy healers incorporate their energy healing training into other popular practices such as massage therapy or acupressure.

Energy Work – Manipulation of natural external and internal energies is used to unblock and balance
a person’s inner chi, renewing the body’s ability to efficiently absorb cosmic energy and convert it to
dynamic life force. Because imbalances cause illness and stress in the body that diminish healing
processes, energy work is essential to the efficacy of all other treatment specialties. Among other
beneficial effects, restoring the body’s ability to synthesize energy properly can: increase blood and
lymph circulation; reduce pain, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol; increase energy, mental
clarity, strength, vitality and mobility; improve sensory and motor functions; calm the nervous system
and promote sleep; regulate and strengthen the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems, plus
improve hormone function.

Swedish Massage A relaxing and beneficial touch therapy, massage incorporates a variety of
gliding, kneading, stretching and friction strokes to reduce tension and anxiety in muscles throughout
the body. It can aid in the management of pain caused by arthritis, sciatica or muscle spasms. The
firmer, intensive pressure of localized deep tissue work is used to reduce chronic knots or adhesions.
Massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation and stimulates the lymph system’s ability to
transport nutrition and remove toxins through free flowing channels. Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage is available upon request.

Meridian Manipulation – As defined in traditional Chinese theory, chi flows throughout the body
as positive and negative subtle energies along specific invisible pathways called meridians. Energy
balance is achieved by regulating the flow of chi traveling along these channels to their corresponding
body systems and organs. By using the hand and fingers to manipulate the directional energy flow in
the meridians, corrections can be made to strengthen weak meridians or sedate overactive ones.
Restoring balance can elevate energy, mood, mental clarity and overall health.

Lymphatic Manipulation – The lymphatic system is the primary defense of the body’s immune
system, filtering toxins and delivering nutrition throughout the body. Trained hands can identify lymph
blockages which can be eliminated through expert manipulation, clearing pathways for the fluids to
travel freely through lymphatic vessels. Without exception, every element that comprises the human
body is affected by the lymphatic system. Optimizing the flow of subtle energies within this system
creates a significant defense at the cellular level to fight disease and illness.

Fascia Manipulation – Fascia is the flat band of connective tissue below the skin that covers
underlying tissues and encloses the muscles. Energy must be able to flow freely within this life
supporting band. Therapeutic manipulation by a trained expert using guided massage enables the
fascia tissues to remain supple. Healthy fascia promotes communication between cells, circulation,
biochemical processes, immune support, regeneration of tissue and other indispensable functions.

Craniosacral Manipulation – Subtle manipulation of the craniosacral system involves therapeutic
touch directed at the spine, the skull and the cranial structures. Gentle, specific, skilled movements
can ease restricted nerve passages, optimize the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal
cord and achieve realignment. This therapy is used to treat neck and back pain, and can ease mental
stress, migraines, TMJ and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Bio-Radiation – This treatment involves the use of an electronic device set at specific frequencies to
deactivate viruses, kill bacteria, eliminate parasites and destroy toxins that interfere with the body’s
immune system. When a person’s health is compromised to the extent that the overall healing
process is impeded by these types of interferences, bio-radiation may be used to prepare the body
so other therapies will have the most beneficial impact.

Acupressure – A traditional Chinese medicine treatment, acupressure derives its name from the
blended words acupuncture and pressure. Instead of acupuncture needles, the hand, fingertips,
elbow or an instrument may be used to apply pressure on specific points or meridians that relate to
areas of the body. Stimulation to specific points can remove energy blockages along specific meridian
pathways, allowing pain relief by rebalancing one’s natural chi.

Reflexology This is a natural healing art that traditionally focus on applying pressure to primarily the
feet, as well as the hands and ears. There are corresponding organs, glands and parts of the body
that are related to reflexology zones. Manipulating these specific referral zones by applying massage
and pressure promotes health and normal functioning in the associated areas by unblocking energy,
reducing stress and improving circulation.