It is believed Reiki was used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and is a powerful but simple technique used to correct imbalances in the body’s biological and energy system. Reiki enhances our natural healing process by creating the conditions during a session and igniting the cells in our body to action. On a physical level it nourishes the glands that look after and repair our organs and relaxes the nervous system. Reiki is holistic, meaning it also facilitates healing of emotional trauma and mental stresses and concerns at the same time.

Reiki name explained

In explaining ‘what is Reiki? or what is Reiki healing?’, we will start by defining its name. The name can be broken down into two Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. ‘Rei’ meaning spiritually or universally guided. Spiritually guided often refers to the source and direction of the energy through its intelligence when treating people. ‘Ki’ is known as ‘life force’ and this force permeates all living things. Reiki is therefore translated as spiritually or universally guided life force energy.

Ki is also known as Qi, Chi or Prana, in Chinese and Hindu cultures. It is known as Mana in Hawaii and Lung in Tibet. The respect and understanding of these ancient cultures have for this life force energy spans thousands of years. Martial arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Qi Gong and T’ai-Chi seek to harness, manipulate and store this life force energy, through body movement and breathing. Life force (Ki) is behind our own body energy and vitality, plainly put- if we had no life force we would not exist.

How does Reiki work?

Scientists (Physicists) are now discovering what these ancient civilizations knew all those years ago through Quantum Physics. They study the world of atoms, protons and electrons the inner world we cannot see with the normal physical eye and are finding we are made up of energy or vibration. This is something that Einstein stated in his work from1905 with his famous formula E=MC2. Energy is matter and matter is energy, which is the basis of energy medicine and energy healing techniques.

Studies carried out to measure our body’s electrical current noted that there are particular areas which are stronger than others, these high ‘energy’ spots are known as Chakras and their job is to transform the Ki energy to be used and distributed throughout us.

There are seven major chakras shown in the diagram from the root chakra (Red) to the throat chakra (blue) and Crown (white or violet). Each chakra transfers the Ki energy to smaller chakras called nadis and to meridians that form 12 vertical lines through their acupoints. Therapies such as reflexology, massage and acupuncture techniques are all based on our energy system.

Physical discomfort and ailments stem from blockages in the flow of Ki energy. Acupuncturists place needles in specific acupoints (known as the body’s portals of energy entry) to release the block and allow the flow of energy. Reflexologists manipulate certain points in the feet to release energy blocks. Reiki known as a hands-on technique does the same job but clears the energy blockages by boosting the flow with like for like Ki energy.

Basically it uses the same energy that is already in our bodies and gives it more of the same. Using energy for treating illnesses is something that traditional medicine has begun to effectively use:

  •  Radiation to treat cancer
  • Electricity to alleviate pain and shrink tumours
  • Electro magnetic fields to stimulate fracture healing
  • Magnetic fields to reduce pain and in the use on Arthritis for inflammation

Reiki is performed by a practitioner placing their hands on, or slightly above their client in a series of non-invasive hand positions. During a session, Reiki energy is channeled by and flows through the hands of the practitioner and into the energy body of the client. As a truly holistic healing method, the whole person is treated, rather than specific areas.

Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response which helps the body heal and balance itself at a deep level.

Important to note, reiki energy is intuitive and intelligent. It will always flow where it is needed most.

Reiki for Chakra dysfunction

The proper functioning of the chakras is also affected by emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Chakra dysfunction may occur if these issues persist and deprive the flow of energy to the bodily region such as the glands and organs. This could lead to disease and illness. Using the following example I will explain dysfunction a bit more:

“You are stressed out in work or worried about a financial situation. As a result of the mental thinking, you start to feel stressed and express emotions such as fear, anger and worry. In turn this causes chakras to dysfunction, which affects your nervous system, glands, organs and your body’s ability to heal itself, leading to physical reaction. The greater the dysfunction the greater the physical reaction- headache, ulcers, skin disorders, high blood pressure or more serious ailments.” esoteric practices

The key is to have energy balance and life balance, what Chinese medicine calls the balance of Ying and Yang. Reiki is used to ensure the energy flow to the chakra is clear. It cleanses the body and promotes balance and wellbeing in turn providing mental clarity, emotional stability. Reiki is used for a lot of physical ailments and helps with stress release and depression.

What are the benefits of reiki?

There are truly so many benefits of receiving reiki, the most immediate being a sense of relaxation, peace and security.

Other benefits include:

  • Release of physical and emotional tension

  • Release of energetic blocks

  • Decrease in pain levels

  • Decrease in symptoms of illness

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Increase in speed of healing

  • Restoration of energy balance in the body

  • Emotional, mental and spiritual well being

  • Balances chakras for optimal wellness

  • And much more!

Reiki used to accelerate body natural healing

Glands are also responsible for organ growth and repair. Each of the seven chakras (labelled in the diagram) are situated directly over our 7 glands, providing them with life force or Ki energy. In turn, Ki energy supplies, stimulates and regulates our organs, cells and blood stream. Reiki practitioners work with each of the chakras and subtle bodies to supply them with extra energy and to provide an opportunity for our natural healing process to kick-start. Reiki is also used to accelerate our natural healing through the increase of Ki energy by removing blockages in the energetic system and rebalancing dysfunctional chakras (see What is reiki?).

Our bodies heal themselves and we have been our own healers form birth. When we bleed the body ensures the healing process starts by coagulating the blood to stop the bleeding. We typically grow new bones every 6 weeks, which is why after a break or strain the physician normally advises 6 weeks for repair. We grow new hair daily and skin cells monthly and 98% of our cells a replaced each year. So you can see our body is an autonomic healing machine without our conscious awareness. Sometimes we may need additional help with our body’s natural healing process:

  • When the illness overwhelms the body’s system, such as a virus or longer term ailment.
  • There are multiple issues or ailments occurring in the body simultaneously.
  • Stress brought on by the sickness or illness making things worse and causing the body to compete with itself.
  • Nutritional or lifestyle factors making the body work harder in certain areas, when it is better off fighting illness.

Reiki used for stress and depression related conditions

Reiki is used to provide that extra help and provides a boost for the body, allowing it to begin the process of wellness. It is specifically used for a number of conditions and ailments to include:

  • Headaches – releasing tension and blood flow.
  • Fatigue – providing an energy boost.
  • Stress release – as the energy system works in tandem with the nervous system.
  • Sleeping disorders – the crown chakra covers the pineal gland and this is responsible for sleep.
  • Pain Relief – relaxing the veins and muscles.
  • Depression – Working on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

As Ki energy flows in and around everyone’s body, Reiki can be used for the young, the old, even babies and for pregnant mothers. Babies and animals respond very well to the energy. Reiki can be even be used in emergency situations for the treatment of shock and has been used by many people around the world for their long term illnesses. Usually when it comes to long term ailments many people receive a Reiki 1 attunement to empower themselves to give themselves treatments as and when needed. There are lots of benefits of Reiki and it is an excellent addition to your current medical or alternative healing treatments, which can strengthen and enhance results.