Energetic Attunements, Empowerments and Initiations are ways to gain access to a unique or specific energy, so that it can integrate into your energy body and energy field- then you will always be able to connect or work with it because you are given a direct connection to that specific energy- it’s frequency, vibration, energy signature, energy strain etc

What are attunements?

An attunement works on the understanding that everything is energy, including yourself.

There are certain types of energies that are more beneficial for certain things such as energy ranges that are best for abundance, clearing chakras, reducing stress etc.

We already have these energies as part of us (everything is energy, and we are all one), but may not be fully aware of or be skilled enough to access these specific energy ranges with the aim of bringing about a particular result. This is where attunements come in.

An attunement is an energy empowerment/initiation (sometimes called an ‘light packets‘) that is passed from someone who has already been attuned to that energy frequency, to another person so that they may ‘learn’ that vibration ( energy frequency), connect with it and channel it in future.

Depending on the energy system that the attunement come from …It is possible to align with that energy frequency through various methods including chi balls, mantra, symbols, sounds, guided meditations and intention.

The attunement may simply be to initiate a subtle change to the vibration of the energy field of the recipient in order that they resonate more strongly with that energy.

When we are connected to these various vibrations, we can use them for healing work, during meditation and for spiritual development.

During an attunement, the facilitator/Master acts as a conductor to channel the relevant energy to the recipient.

The spiritual guides and higher self of the recipient are requested to oversee the process and all attunements are sent in the spirit of Universal Love; that is, in accordance with the universal law of free-will and for the good of all.

Empowerment conferred during an attunement in this spirit cannot be abused or used to cause harm. Nor can it be ‘forced’ in advertently which could cause problems with assimilation and grounding were too much energy ‘pushed’ to a student.

The higher self, acts as a moderator in this capacity.

We offer various energetic attunements, initiations & empowerments for all levels of experience . For reiki and non reiki masters.

In order for you to expand your healing practise or for your own personal use.

An attunement to a particular system lasts a lifetime; there is no need to be re-attuned on a regular basis.

However, your connection to the energy can falter and diminish if you do not work with those frequencies you are attuned to on a regular basis. In this instance, re-attunement can give you a ‘kick start’, but just beginning to work with those energies again will soon strengthen the flow and your natural resonance.

How Does a Distant Attunement Work?

Exactly the same way an in-person attunement works!

Distant attunements are a successful and powerful means of sending attunements.

In Reiki (for example) distant attunements in the beginning were a non-traditional technique but are a logical extension of distance healing and application of the Distance symbol, sound or affirmation.

Some people are just unfamiliar with quantum physics. In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant healing is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location.

It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing is very effective.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing and is generally performed by Reiki Masters, Shamanic Practitioners and Shamans.

However, many are quite skeptical about the process and I think if I hadn’t experienced the sending and receiving of attunements and healing distantly I would be very skeptical myself!

It is easy, inexpensive and super effective. If you are super sensitive and tend to be a self-study then ‘In-person’ attunements just might not suit you;

most people are more able to relax and meditate at home and on their own than they are in a room full of people or in front of another person.

Some people are restricted in travel or by commitments to family, work and so on.

Another consideration is the price! Most of those who offer in-person attunements have to charge much more for obvious reasons. All in all, there is a lot to be said for distance attunements – and with Advanced Alternative Therapies Academy you are assured of receiving detailed and comprehensive materials to support your chosen course as well as support for as long as you need it.

We are only ever an email away! Our goal is to offer these amazing healing teachings to all.

We love seeing the difference in people lives. This work is really life changing and should be available easily to all who are ready.

How Do I receive My Distant Attunement?

Once an attunement is ready, you will be emailed with confirmation that you can call the attunement in and also with your certificate. If included ( please see individual attunements) Your certificate with have details of your ‘lineage’: A tradition with energy healing modalities dating back to Dr. Usui is that a record of the teachers who have passed down the line from the originator of the modality are detailed for you.

One of the most important things with attunements is that to fully receive the new vibration on all levels is to ground afterwards. But it is also important to work with the energy after attunement.

W recommend you spend time in meditation after the attunement, sensing the energy and making sure you allow yourself to fully accept and assimilate the new vibrations.

The assimilation part of receiving attunements varies with different modalities – some have more complex or intense attunements than others and may take several days to full ‘ground’ them. But regularly using the energy and grounding yourself afterwards ensures this takes place and you will get the most out of your attunement experience.

What To Expect

If you are new to attunements and energy you may not experience much during an attunement…it is true that the vast majority do…but there are many reasons that can prevent you tuning into subtle energies.

  • First of all, being a beginner may mean you find it harder to suspend your focus and are concentrating on ‘looking for a result’; this engagement of the conscious mind often means the process seems very subtle!

  • Some people fall asleep – this is not unusual and nothing at all to worry about; sometimes it is a natural way for the body to fully receive the attunement and the sleep is often very healing. It is usually markedly different from normal sleep in that it is dreamless, short and you wake up feeling like you’ve had a good 8 hours!

  • Some people may experience less intense attunements if they are physically tired or run down; at certain times of the menstrual cycle; if they are under any stress; after a heavy meal; if they have consumed alcohol, (which we do not recommend) and often as you progress in energy work and your natural subtle senses increase you will find you may be more sensitive to the effects of these things and decide to change them.

    It is best to remain open and expect anything and nothing of the attunement…common experiences are feelings of warmth or tingling; pressure around the crown area; seeing colors and sometimes even hearing strange resonant tones.

    But what you experience not only depends on your situation generally, but your state at that very particular time and also, what natural abilities you may have. This is why we recommend that you also make use of our Brain Entrainment attunement music, Affirmations and guided meditations in order to use more of you senses and thus strengthen your energy integration.

    When it comes to intuition, some people feel physical sensations of energy; others hear them; others see them as colors; some just sense them.

    Whatever your natural strength intuitively it usually follows the sense that is prevalent physically.

    Be open! If you continue with energy work over time you will naturally develop these skills through regular practice. The Energy Mastery Diploma course is also very helpful in learning this through meditative work and learning to scan auras – an invaluable technique.

    And knowing how the energy body all fits together and works can often help you make sense of sensations and the associations.

    We hope this information has helped you understand more of attunements and how they work…as well as what to expect from Advanced Alternative Therapies Academy