Reiki can be linked to many physical and emotional health benefits – like improved sleep, brightening your mood, and even pain relief, just to name a few. A distance Reiki healing session is a great way to keep on top of your emotional, and mental wellbeing, from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will be talking you through all the ways in which Reiki can benefit you.

What Are Attunements?

An attunement is an energetic tool that aims to assist you in connecting with specific energies so you can easily access them.

The attunement process aims to allow you to remember and access, in the future, a range of energies. It does this by temporarily increasing these desired energy ranges within you.

You are an energy being, who is one with the universe, so these desired energies are already part of you. This is why it can be said that attunements help you remember the energies rather than technically connecting you with them.

The attunement process helps you remember these energies and more easily activate them in the future as you have been reminded of their frequencies.

Many energy healing practitioners speak about bringing in energies or transferring energies from one person to another. This is the typical language used to explain a perception or way of energies working or acting.

However, as we are all one energetically, nothing is necessarily moving or being transferred as such. It is the language used to explain who remembers the energy and sets the energy ranges to be remembered.

How Do Attunements Work?

An attunement works on the understanding that everything is energy, including yourself. Certain types of energies are more beneficial for certain things, such as energy ranges that are best for abundance, clearing chakras, spiritual development, etc.

You already have these energies within you (everything is energy, and you are energetically one with all). However, you may not be fully aware or skilled enough to access these specific energy ranges to produce a particular result. This is where attunements come in.

A good example of this may be to think of attunement as a radio receiver. Say you want to access a specific radio station but do not know the frequency the radio station transmits.

The attunement would be the preset button for the radio station. When you activate the attunement, the radio station’s preset channel is selected and tuned into, which saves you a lot of time searching for it.

In energy healing, you would use the same example to search for a specific energy range to suit your goal. For example, say you wanted energies to clear your chakras; an attunement may help you connect with energies well-suited for chakra clearing.

You don’t necessarily need an attunement; however, it can be very beneficial in saving you a lot of time and accelerating your learning potential. This is why attunements can be seen as energetic tools.

Attunements And Energy Healing

Attunements form an integral part of many different types of energy healing practices. They assist you in remembering and accessing different types of energies. This may significantly accelerate your spiritual development and reduce your time trying to access these energies yourself.

However, attunements are tools and should not be solely relied upon in any spiritual work. This is because the person who creates the attunement typically only accesses a range of energies they can. It may not be all the energies available for that specific need, so always use an attunement as a starting point.

What Are In-Person Reiki Attunements?

In-person Reiki attunements are attunements you receive in-person, directly from someone physically with you in your presence.

The Reiki master usually performs a simple ritual to pass the attunements to you while you sit and receive them in their physical company.

What Are Distant Reiki Attunements?

Distant Reiki attunements are attunements you receive without the Reiki master being in your physical space or location.

Instead, you accept the distant Reiki attunement alone, in a place that suits you when you are ready to receive it.

This is often done without needing a specific appointment and allows you to accept your attunement when the time is perfect.

Are Both Types Of Reiki Attunement Effective?

You can attune yourself to Reiki either by distance or in person. Both types of attunements are just as effective as one another at attuning you to the Reiki energy.

It’s up to you which type of attunement you want to use. Your intuition and what feels right should guide you.

If someone firmly pushes their beliefs or suggestions onto you, especially without experience with both types of attunement, you should question them.

Be open to your truth and use discernment in choosing a teacher for either kind of attunement.

Both types of Reiki attunement are valid, and there is something to be said for the personal touch of a certified Reiki Master when receiving an in-person attunement.

However, having personal contact to receive a Reiki attunement is unnecessary, but some people feel more comfortable with this and should do whatever feels right for them.

You should always follow your heart and intuition when making your decision. However, in-person attunements aren’t for everyone and are not the only valid way to receive a Reiki attunement.

What Are The Benefits Of Distant Reiki Attunements?

If you’re wondering whether distant Reiki attunements might be right for you, here are some possible benefits:

  • Distant Reiki attunements can be just as effective and powerful in their own right as in-person attunements.
  • You can receive distant Reiki attunements in your home and surroundings without travelling anywhere.
  • You can accept your distant Reiki attunement whenever you are ready – at any time.
  • Distant Reiki attunements provide total privacy.
  • You can receive the attunement at a convenient time for you.
  • There are no inconvenient class times or schedules.
  • You can learn and practice at your own speed.
  • Distant Reiki attunements can be beneficial for anyone living in remote areas.
  • They remove the cost of travelling and the time required to travel.
  • Often distant Reiki attunements are more affordable yet just as effective.
  • Receiving distant Reiki attunements often gives you more attention and focus when compared to receiving it in a larger group setting.
  • Those who are shy in groups can benefit from distant Reiki attunements by asking questions and feeling more comfortable and secure.
  • You may receive email support before, during and after your purchase and attunement.

Distance Reiki attunements work just as well as in-person Reiki attunements.

Furthermore, with ongoing training, support and dedication, distant Reiki attunements have produced some extremely competent and confident Reiki practitioners.

Why You Should Experience A Distant Reiki Attunement

If you are a Reiki practitioner who has not experienced a distant Reiki attunement and is uncertain of its effectiveness or what to advise your clients, try it yourself.

Only by having experienced something yourself can you truly understand and inform someone else.

Your spiritual development is intricately linked to the experiences and discoveries you gain.

With this in mind, if you want to advance your Reiki practice, you should expand your awareness and experience a distant Reiki attunement.

You will have a new experience, gain potential discoveries and ultimately advance your spiritual development.

There are no wrong choices regarding your Reiki practice as long as you learn from every experience and choose to work with the light.

If you find that distant Reiki attunements enhance your energy healing practice, you have just uncovered a world of attunements that may assist you on your spiritual journey.

If not, you have gained a new experience and discovered something new about how you currently work with energies.

You may be interested in our attunement beginners blog post if you want additional resources about distant attunements, what to expect etc. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand distant attunements better.

Recommended Distant Attunements For Beginners

If you want to try a distant Reiki attunement for yourself, we recommend starting with AAT.

AAT, although not a traditional form of Reiki, aims to offer an excellent understanding of energy healing and spiritual development. It is suitable for complete beginners and advanced Reiki practitioners.

If you would like to experience a distant attunement other than Reiki, the following distant attunements are perfect for beginners. The energies are easy to use, and the manuals are straightforward.

  • Aura Maintenance Attunement
  • Blissful Light Seichim
  • Chakra Maintenance Attunement
  • Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement
  • Grounding Maintenance Attunement
  • Kundalini Seichim

You may also be interested in other distant attunements suitable for beginners.