When we are learning about energy based healing, it is very natural that we will be introduced to the idea of sending healing energies ‘by distance’. This is a very important principle and it allows the practitioner to send healing energies across both time and space so that these beautiful Higher Consciousness healing energies can help to cleanse, replenish, purify or re-balance what is needed in any given moment, regardless of physical location or time.

When we start learning about distance healing, we are often taught that ‘permission’ should always be gained from the recipient prior to sending the Higher Consciousness healing energies. The reason why this is commonly taught is because light workers honour the principle of ‘free will’ which means that we always respect the ‘choice’ of other living beings about whether they wish to receive (or not receive) what we are offering. So this is a very important teaching that accompanies the concept of distance healing and it is very important that each practitioner digests this teaching when they are introduced to distance healing.

As a practitioner starts to become a little more experienced in their healing work, the concept of gaining permission starts to evolve somewhat as the practitioner is normally presented with certain situations where gaining permission might not be as straight forward as first thought. For example, if we would like to send healing energies to an unborn baby or to a person in a coma or to an animal or plant, gaining permission can be a little tricky. In these cases, ‘gaining permission’ in the traditional sense is not really possible and so more clarification and/or techniques are often needed for these kinds of situations. Also, if we are wanting to send healing energies to a specific location or to the Earth (and/or all living inhabitants), then again, these kinds of situations are good examples where gaining permission may not be possible using traditional methods.

Distant or remote healing is a way of directing healing energy to a person who cannot attend a session in person. The power of distant energy healing works off similar principles to the way that we connect through our cell phones and other wireless devices.  A signal is transmitted wirelessly through the etheric energy fields to connect to another source of energy – the person receiving healing. Here I explain how this works.

Remote Distant Energy Healing is a method of Energy Healing over any distance, i.e., from one location to another, where the healee is not present. In other words, the person or animal does not have to be in the company of the healer to receive the healing.

Quantum physics has also shown that energy is not restricted by time or space, which is the basis for distant healing. Distant healing works on the principle that the healer’s intention can be transmitted across distance to the healee and that energy can be directed towards the healee for their highest and purest good.

What Is Consent?

Consent means that informed permission has been given for an action to be taken. In order for consent to be valid, three key aspects must be obtained before consent can be seen as gained:

1. Informed

You must give all the information concerning what will be involved (procedures, systems used, energies used, intentions, benefits, and risks).

2. Voluntary

The decision to receive the distant energy healing must be given by the person directly. It must not be influenced by anyone or indeed they must not be pressured or confused into receiving the energy healing.

3. Aware

The person must be able to give consent and be fully aware of the information given to them and able to make an informed decision without any influence.

Consent permits action to take place. If you ever want to help someone that involves action or the willing for an outcome to change, then you must obtain informed consent.

If any of the above three aspects are not gained, then you do not have informed consent, and distant energy healing should not be given.

Why Is Consent Important?

Informed consent for distant energy healing is important as you run the very real risk of changing or controlling an outcome for someone else.

When you do this without consent you may be projecting your own views about a situation and changing or controlling an outcome that suits your perception.

This is very damaging for the person you are doing distant energy healing on as you have taken away their free will and could have prevented them from a very significant life lesson that could have profoundly changed their life.

It is very easy to think that if someone is suffering that you must stop this and that that justifies not gaining consent. It does not. It is not up to you to define what suffering is or indeed what is appropriate for someone else to suffer.

As an example, Sam wants to help her friend Jane get over a messy divorce. Jane has suffered through the divorce and is very stressed, emotionally vulnerable, and in need of comfort and care.

Sam is so concerned for Jane’s well-being that she does some distant energy healing for Jane without asking for consent. Sam thinks that the best way forward to heal Jane is to cut the negative etheric cords between Jane and her ex-husband. She does this with the intention that Jane moves on and meets the love of her life and is never hurt by a man again.

What Sam did not realise is that Jane’s ex was the love of her life and that even though the relationship ended, it would have given Jane a profound life-altering experience once Jane was ready to work through what had happened.

Jane had always suffered from low self-esteem and was heavily reliant on a man to give her support and meaning, which Sam was not aware.

Ultimately, Sam had robbed Jane of the catalyst that could have transformed her life by increased personal power and her inner strength. Jane’s future has been changed, and not in a way that would have given her the learnings and growth she ultimately desired.

How Is Consent Given In Distant Energy Healing?

Consent must be given before any distant energy healing is provided, including using Reiki symbols.

The most effective way to gain consent is when someone directly asks you for distant energy healing, and you meet the three requirements of consent that is mentioned above.

Sometimes someone can ask you for distant energy healing for someone else. It is still essential that you confirm someone’s consent when working on a request for someone.

Remember that working on behalf of someone still needs to meet the three aspects of what is required to gain consent. Often very well-meaning people can imply consent to energy healing on behalf of someone who has not given informed consent.

Surely Helping Someone Without Consent Is Better Than Doing Nothing?

It is essential not to be blinded by someone’s intense desire for you to help or by your desires to help someone.

This is a widespread occurrence with lightworkers and genuinely caring and loving people.

All too often the intense desire to help others blinds you of your need to gain consent.

This can be very subtle, so it is essential to be aware of what you want to achieve and desire at all times. This type of mastery is a vital skill of any lightworker as it prevents you from changing an outcome for someone without their consent.

It is worth noting that the definition of black magic is where someone’s outcome is changed through your actions for your desires and wants.

It is ultimately not about your desire, but about the other person’s consent to bring about change.

By forcing your desire to help someone is fulfilling your desire rather than helping the person you wish to assist.

It becomes all about you and not the actual needs of the person you want to help.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Get Informed Consent?

There will be times when informed consent can’t be gained. However, this does not mean you can’t do anything for that person. There are a number of ways that you can still assist someone.

Energetic consent

If you are skilled enough, you can always gain informed consent by energetically connecting with the person you wish to assist.

Once you connect you still need to obtain consent by meeting the three aspects of consent as mentioned above.

As a course of practice, I do this with everyone I work with to ensure consent is fully gained and that we are all clear on what it is we are working towards.

If you do not get consent for any reason or you are unsure if consent was gained, then do not do any energy healing.

Raise your vibration

If you have not been given consent or are unsure if you have it then the only thing you can do without forcing change on someone is to raise YOUR vibration.

You are an energy being who is one with all. This means that at this level you do not need to channel, send, try and change an outcome etc. At this level, you are whole and healed.

When you raise your vibration you remember that you are an immensely powerful energy being who is one with all. This means the person you want to help is actually energetically you.

The focus is on you and not anyone else, but this has a symbiotic effect on life around you.

So by raising your vibration you actually raise the vibration of the person you want to assist.

This is a very powerful way of assisting someone without having to send any energy.

Raising your vibration is done by focusing on love and compassion. It increases your vibration out of fear and energetic separation and reminds you of who you really are. It radiates out, and around you-you shine your light!

Distant Energy Healing Works through Energy Fields and is Powerful

Energy is composed of ‘matter’ and this ‘matter’ is intelligent. This intelligent energy organises itself into patterns, some of which cannot always be explained by science.  But it is a fact that we are made up of energy patterns.  The matrix of our physical body, our thoughts and emotions are patterns of energy, formed by opposing forces.  So, you could say that we are human magnets.

Everything is connected energetically.  We may not resonate with everyone in the world, because we don’t all operate on the same frequency.  Which is why some people you instantly connect and others not. But, at the very core of each of us is the same ‘stuff’, we just resonating differently.

A Thought and the Spoken Word Behave Like a Magnet

Words and thoughts act like signals and transmit a frequency out into the ether. Distant healing works because the client and healer are connected through this magnetic energy matrix.  When intention is set the connection is made.

Time and time again, I see that when a person is asking for help, the right person, with the right kind of energy will be presented.  For this article I am focussed on how energy healing works.   But generally speaking, thoughts and words can attract to you both negative and positive experiences.  Negative experiences give you an opportunity for you to heal.

How We Are All Connected

The internet is a man-made world wide web that enables us to communicate with lightning speed. Nature has its own worldwide web in shamanic terms is called the wryd (web of weird).  In can also be known as the auric energy fields or fields of intelligent energy to name but a few.  It is the web of the wyrd that connects all our energy.

When we have a thought, it is like we are whispering to the wryd which vibrates the energy web. The words that we speak out loud have an equal impact on the web of the wyrd.  Even if you are on the other side of the world thoughts and words will have an impact on a person that is receiving it.


  • Balances for all significant chakras (energy centres)
  • Balances energy disruptions in the energy field (aura)
  • Removes stagnant and blocked energies
  • May assist with pain and physical ailments
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Grief
  • Releases negative emotions and past trauma
  • Deeply relaxing and centring
  • It is healing on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually.
  • Grounding of personal energies into the body
  • Recharging on all levels
  • Is holistic
  • Realigns all energy bodies within the auric field.
  • Includes healing benefits of Reiki, Quantum, Shamanic and Spiritual healing

The Difference Between Distant Healing and Remote Healing

Simply put distant healing is performed with the person receiving the healing who is connected either by phone or via the internet.  You can hear or see and speak with the person directly. Remote healing is performed without the person receiving the healing being present, so there is no interaction. Remote healing is excellent for children and for people who are unable to have access to the internet.

When I perform energy healing whether that is distant or remote or in person, I am tuned into the wyrd.  When I connect with a client, I am connecting into the clients energy field.

I use various tools to affect the vibration of the web and direct healing energy to the source of the problem.  Including using specific words and statements that resonate deeply with the underlying cause of a clients issue.

When the intention for healing is set it is always for the best outcome for the client and as we say in the business, ‘according to divine will’.

When a client has had an issue/problem for a while, several sessions will be required.  It is like unpeeling an onion, each session removes negative vibrations of energy and builds on the previous  meeting to get to the root cause.

Once the deep routed energy has been cleared, new positive patterns of energy can be created without hindrance from old negative vibrations.  New behaviours and attitudes can be created to manifest a healthier, happier life.