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Money Reiki Healing aims to create a positive shift in one’s energy field and consciousness around money. It is believed that by aligning one’s energy with abundance, individuals can experience increased financial prosperity, improved financial decision-making, and a greater sense of financial security and well-being.

You will receive the necessary attunement, you will learn the theory behind the practice, you will be shown a new and powerful symbol, with all the information you need to use it for your good and for the good of others.

This course aims to heal your relationship with money, to remove energetic blocks linked to money and to remove all of the limiting beliefs that may prevent you from obtaining all the wealth you deserve as a divine creature.

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to start your activity as a Money Reiki Master, just as a live course would, or even in a better way.


Money Reiki Course

Learn How To Manifest Prosperity In Your Life

Money Reiki Empowerment

Money energy or money frequency is something else which we need to tap differently, and Money Reiki just does that. It helps you to increase your money frequency and you start vibrating at a different level, attracting favorable circumstances ultimately leads you to Abundance and Prosperity.

Money Reiki Master level enables you to do a perfect cleansing and healing Money Reiki session for yourself and your clients. The new symbols first remove the negativity, any mental and emotional blockages, and make it really easy to manifest one’s wishes with the help of the Manifestation symbol.

The second Level, Master attunes you to additional symbols and enables you to send Money Reiki Healing and Money Reiki Empowerment to yourself, your things, your bank account, credit cards, investments and to other people as you desire.  The Master Level Attunement also enables you to pass the Attunement to others for Level I and Level II, Practitioner and Master Money Reiki.

This course is not a magical spell that will bring wealth in your life automatically without doing anything. This is a result oriented course as long as you are willing to change something in you which is blocking prosperity coming into your life and take action to correct it.
The first secret to understand is that attracting money is a mental project. Creating wealth is primarily a mind game. You must be worth it. You must believe that you deserve to be prosperous in your life.
You can explore your reasons for wanting wealth and many of the money methods will touch on this. Actually, you really don’t want money, you want wealth in your life. Most of these methods are about believing and having confidence, and setting goals, and clearing limitations and negative beliefs about money.

You will like some of the methods and techniques more than others. We are all different. But, if you all of them in next 30 days, you will find those work for you as well and create more money flow in your life.

Disclaimer: This course is not a “Get Rich Quick” formula. This course will clear your money blockages and activates your money consciousness so that you can create wealth holistically in your life faster.

7 reviews for Money Reiki Master – Level 2 | Online Course

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    An excellent piece of quality information. It is well explained

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    Practical and interesting

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    Awesome course. It is structured and updated. I truly recommend it !!

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    AMAZING INFO… This course is very informative and professional, I recommend it !

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    Excellent information and easy to understand.

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    Many Good Ideas

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