Money Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 | Online Course

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If you want to improve your financial situation, as well as the one of others by healing the world from corruption, you absolutely need to attend this course.

You will receive the necessary attunement, you will learn the theory behind the practice, you will be shown a new and powerful symbol, with all the information you need to use it for your good and for the good of others.

This course aims to heal your relationship with money, to remove energetic blocks linked to money and to remove all of the limiting beliefs that may prevent you from obtaining all the wealth you deserve as a divine creature.

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to start your activity as a Money Reiki Practitioner, just as a live course would, or even in a better way.


Are you ready to make peace with money and its energy, in order to make it more present in your life?

Are you ready to deepen your knowledge in Reiki?

Are you ready to get rid of the prejudice that until now has prevented you from obtaining money and wealth?

Money Reiki is about the spiritual energy of money. When you are attuned to the spiritual energy of money, you become part of a movement to increase the vibration of money around the world to one that is more generous, cooperative, and egalitarian. You align yourself with the intention that you can and will earn money with integrity by following your highest path. You remove energetic blocks that cause you to sabotage yourself with money. You become more capable of manifesting money in your life. It is here to help transform the energy of money on the planet in addition to helping you personally.
  • Get the Money Practitioner Certificate.

• Understand the healing benefits Money Reiki has in every area of your life.

• Improve your ability to feel and send Money Reiki.

• Learn how to visualize and send loving intentions.

  • Karma about friends, family, ancestors, coworkers, etc. collective money is cleared.

Money Reiki Healing is a holistic approach to addressing financial challenges and promoting abundance in one’s life. It combines traditional Reiki energy healing techniques with a specific focus on healing and balancing one’s relationship with money. Money Reiki practitioners believe that our energetic connection to money can impact our financial well-being, and by working with the subtle energy fields, blockages and imbalances can be cleared, allowing for a more harmonious flow of money.

During a Money Reiki Healing session, the practitioner channels healing energy to the client, focusing on the energy centers associated with abundance and prosperity. The intention is to remove any energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, or negative thought patterns that may be hindering the client’s financial success. This can involve identifying and releasing deep-seated fears, anxieties, or past traumas related to money, as well as working on enhancing one’s abundance mindset and attracting positive opportunities.

Money Reiki Healing aims to create a positive shift in one’s energy field and consciousness around money. It is believed that by aligning one’s energy with abundance, individuals can experience increased financial prosperity, improved financial decision-making, and a greater sense of financial security and well-being.

It’s important to note that while Money Reiki Healing can be a beneficial complement to traditional financial strategies, it does not guarantee immediate financial gains or replace professional financial advice. It is best viewed as a holistic approach to addressing the energetic aspects of one’s financial life, supporting individuals in their journey towards financial empowerment and abundance.


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